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eBook Versions

So I'm giving serious consideration to converting the existing documents on the website (in the Fiction section) to eBook formats for easier viewing on the various reading devices out there. At the moment, I'll keep the PDFs, but I'm probably also going to add EPUB and MOBI formats since they seem to be the most commonly used out of the available formats. If anyone has suggestions for any other formats, let me know. Once they're posted, they'll show up on the download link line in the Fiction section of the site.
Welcome to the new site. Over the next couple of days and weeks, this will change to feature everything the old site had with the exception that it will be easier to keep updated, so stay tuned!

And yes, I know it's ugly as sin at the moment, but I'm just starting to rework it so what do you really expect? Give it time. Hopefully it won't be hideous forever.