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Fiction by John Quick


Here you will find a great many of my fiction works. Typically, I list the title of the work, the year it was completed, the genre, and the length. Some you will be able to view in their entirety, such as works that are classified as "Fan Fiction" or short stories that are not published elsewhere. Others will let you read an excerpt, due to them being either too long to include here completely or the fact that they are published or being shopped for potential publishing.

A Note About the Works Here
In most cases, I have posted the complete texts for these works where they exist in a finished form. I will not post first drafts or works in progress. If something has been published or is in consideration to be published, I will only post an excerpt. The text is in a secured Adobe PDF file that does not allow copying of text or printing for obvious reasons. If you want a copy that can be printed, email me and we can discuss it. As a general rule, unless you are a literary agent or a publisher (and I will check your credentials to verify this), such requests will be denied.

All excerpts and complete texts require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Get it here:

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The Works


Prophecy's Children (Champions of Eternity, Book Two)

2009 / 366 page novel (@97,000 words) / Fantasy

The second volume in my fantasy series. Should the first book get published, i will post the prologue here eventually, just like for Book One.

Road Signs

2009 / 7 page short story (2,275 words) / Horror

Something that feels like it should have been on The Twilight Zone, this is the story of a man on a road trip who encounters some rather personal and disturbing signs along the side of the road. This story made the rounds and doesn't look like it's going to sell or get published, so once I start posting eBook versions of everything here, watch for it to get posted.

Seven Sins

2008 / 10 page short story (2,984 words) / Psychological Thriller

This is the story of a woman held captive by a maniac with a very specific selection process and goal in mind. This story made the rounds and doesn't look like it's going to sell or get published, so once I start posting eBook versions of everything here, watch for it to get posted.


2008 / 238 page novel (@69,000 words) / Supernatural Thriller

[Download Excerpt] [Download Synopsis]

This one is currently off to the hands of agents everywhere - my first attempt at getting a deal. So, as a special treat, you can read the synopsis and the complete first chapter right here! A word of caution: the synopsis details everything about the book, including the ending. So if you don't want spoilers, read the excerpt instead.

The Second Kingdom

2008 / 278 page novel (@81,500 words) / Fantasy

[Download Excerpt]

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is whether or not I have written any Sci-Fi or Fantasy. Both are on here, but both are represented by works that are pretty old. Beyond the age, the one example of true fantasy on here is based in an existing world that I didn't create. See, the real challenge in writing something like that is not in telling the story. The challenge is making a world that is believable. One that lives and breathes on its own after the author leaves it alone. Well, I'm taking a shot at it. This is the prologue to a fantasy series I am working on. Looking at my outline, it looks like it will be six books - but I reserve the right to change that as I write. I really want feedback on this one. It sets up my world and gives you the tone. I am considering submitting this prologue as a stand alone short story, so let me know what you think.

Arica's Tale

2004 / 450 page novel (@98,000 words) / Fantasy (Fan Fiction)

[Download Complete Work]

This is a fan fiction novel set in the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. I played a character in the roleplaying game for the series that a friend of mine was running, and started wondering why my character acted the way she did. So I wrote her backstory... 75 pages worth. As I added, it kept growing until I ended up with a novel I can never publish. I hope you enjoy it!

Siren Song

2004 / 9 page short story (2,237 words)/ Erotic Fantasy

[Download Complete Work]

This was a dare. A friend of mine wanted to see if I could write a story that was erotic but not pornographic. Not at all an easy task, but this was my attempt. To tell the truth, I see this as nothing more than poetry in prose form.

The Prototype

2003 / 7 page short story (1,591 words)/ Science Fiction

[Download Complete Work]

I will be the first to admit that this is not really very good. I was pissed off about my job at the time and just needed an outlet to get rid of the anger. The premise is simple - an underappreciated worker goes insane while finiishing a project. Not very original, but it was my first attempt at writing once I decided to get serious about it. Nowhere to go but up, as they say....